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For quantities of 250 leaves (10 booklets) or more, we can give discounts of up to 45% depending on the goldleaf type, quantity, and current gold price. Contact us for details and current prices on our discounts at contact(at)delafee.com!

Buy gold leaf online – on delafee.com

If you want to buy the highest quality gold leaf online, DeLafée offers a wide range of German made gold leaf. On our website, you will find high-quality products suitable for all types of gilding projects. Whether it is to decorate furniture, frames, monuments or any other item – you’ll be able to make your creative dreams come true with our exclusive gold leaf. Order high quality gold leaf now at an good price! 

Established supplier of gold leaf with a long-standing presence on the market

As an established supplier of gold leaf, DeLafée has been in the market for more than 15 years. Our products are now sold in more than 50 countries. Our customers can not only order gold leaf via the Internet, but also culinary creations with edible gold, luxury corporate gifts and art objects gilded with gold leaf. In addition, you can buy handmade fashion and beauty products on our website, which are characterized by a unique design and innovative use of gold leaf.

Discover our wide range of gold leaf

If you want to buy gold leaf from DeLafée, you can choose from a wide assortment. We offer a total of 32 different types of gold leaf. Each variety has its own distinctive qualities. You will find among others the following types of gold leaf:

  • 24 karat goldeaf
  • Rosennoble goldleaf
  • White goldleaf
  • Platinum goldleaf
  • Versailles goldleaf
  • Red goldleaf
  • Ducate goldleaf
  • And many others


Rosennoble gold leaf is perfect for exterior projects, while white gold leaf is often used on frames. Platinum gold, which is becoming increasingly popular, has a subtle, abrasion-resistant luster. Feel free to contact us at to receive a PDF catalogue with all the available gold leaf colors as well as all the gilding tools and glues for your gilding projects!

 Superior quality gold leaf – lose or transfer gold leaf

Our gold leaf is produced by the traditional German company Noris and meets the highest manufacturing and quality standards. You can use it for all imaginable gilding projects – for example, for the gilding of frames, sculptures, ceramics or even glass. The standard weight is 16 to 18 grams per 1000 leaves. On this page, you will find details about the manufacturing process. When you order gold leaf from DeLafée, your items are delivered by default in 80 x 80 mm format. You can also buy gold leaf in different formats (40 x 40 mm to 110 x 110 mm). Our company offers all types of gold leaf, whether lose or transfer gold leaf. Let us know your exact needs!

Fast and safe delivery

All customers who buy gold leaf from DeLafée can count on fast delivery. If you order larger quantities of gold leaf, we give you a generous discount (up to 45% from 250 pieces or more). Contact us for details on our discounts!

Order now!

Whether you are an artist, designer, or any other user of gold leaf, DeLafée is the right place to buy high quality gold leaf. Make your choice now and order your products on our web site! Customers from Switzerland can pay by invoice. Foreign buyers have the possibility to pay by credit card or Paypal. Customer service is our priority. If you would like advice, please contact us at any time on +41 32 724 4860 or contact(at)delafee.com. We look forward to heating from you!