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 The Art of Gold



Founded in 2004 by Sébastien Jeanneret, DeLafée is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company's very first luxury article was to reflect two strong local traditions: chocolate and gold. DeLafée's chocolates adorned with edible gold won the company high praises in the media, more notably in a 2005 edition of Forbes magazine.

From then on, with the input of several clients, the company developed a wide range of other gourmet products featuring edible gold-leaf and gold flakes, among which you will find shimmering Champagne, gold lollipops, tea and cigars. These products are sold in over 50 countries. Starting in 2010, DeLafée introduced a number of beauty products and decorative objects for the home.

These unique designs combine the textures of various natural materials with the beautiful warm glow of 24 karat gold. DeLafée has acquired unique expertise in the application of gold to a wide range of materials. Since 2011 DeLafée has been working with private clients and renowned luxury brands to develop exclusive new designs.


DeLafée offers its golden and silver creations through exclusive distributors, selected retailers and directly on its website

The website is available in English, French, German. Summary versions are available in Russian, Arabic and Chinese.


For all inquiries you can contact DeLafée at the following address:

DeLafée International SARL

Case Postale 2145

2001 Neuchatel


Tel. +41 - 32 - 724 4860+41 - 32 - 724 4860


Company Timeline

  • 2004: DeLafée is founded. Gold chocolates developped

  • 2005: First gold chocolates launched. Immediate response from international media   (Forbes Magazine, Sky Channel)    

  • 2006: DeLafée starts selling edible gold

  • 2006: DeLafée gold chocolates given to nominees at the Oscar Award ceremony

  • 2008: Extended edible range: gold flowering tea, strawberry lollipop, sparkling wine

  • 2010: World innovation: launch of self-applied temporary gold-tattoo

  • 2011: DeLafée starts working for world renowned luxury brands to develop innovative uses of gold.

  • 2011: First products for interior decoration

  • 2012: Launch of the world's first ice cube kit

  • 2012: First exclsuive DeLafée boutique opens in Baku, Azerbaijan