Unique corporate gifts adorned with 24 karat gold in Switzerland

Precious gifts for unique people...

All our gifts are adorned by hand with 24 karat in Switzerland

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DeLafée offers corporate gifts that you will find nowhere else.. In our wide range, you will find highly symbolic and unique gifts all adorned with gold: delicious gold-covered chocolate truffles, golden cigars, golden sparkling wine and much more. Order the products you want today and have your corporate gifts delivered to you!

DeLafée: if you want something unique 

In some markets, it is common practice to distribute inexpensive corporate gifts such as key chains or pens to customers. However, there are industries where more unique and valuable corporate gifts are better suited. It is simply good manners and strengthens the bond with your own company. If you are looking for a truly exceptional corporate gift to please your business partners, DeLafée is your partner of choice. With us, your clients will receive unique gifts that make a lasting impression.  

Personalized corporate gifts in the Premium category 

Our corporate gifts are not only unique - they can also be personalized. You can add a thank you card inside the chocolate boxes for example.  You will find more information on this page. Experience has taught us that a unique personalized corporate gift leaves a much memorable impression than an off-the shelf” classical promotional gift like a bottle of wine, a pen. By offering one of our unique corporate gifts adorned with 24 karat gold you express your appreciation in a unique way and create a good basis for further cooperation. Take this great opportunity to please your business partners and give a memorable gifts! 

Gold chocolate box with personlzed message inside the gift box
When the gift recipeint open the goft box the peronalized message appear first.


cadeau entreprise luxe or alimentaire


Employee gifts: recognition and motivation  

Our corporate gifts aren't just gifts for customers - you can give them to your deserving employees as well. Usually there is a special occasion for an employee gift - for example, a company anniversary or the departure of a long-time employee. Some companies also give out small gifts or gift baskets to their employees for Christmas. Experience shows that small gifts increase motivation and strengthen employee loyalty. It's especially nice to receive an exclusive gift from the company, such as a box of edible gold flakes.

 Another gift that we would like to recommend to you is this gift box with chocolate pralines (see photo). This exclusive treat combines two of the most luxurious and popular pleasures - famous Swiss chocolate and the eternal magic of gold.

 Order online now! 

Order one of our unique corporate gifts adorned with 24 karat gold on our website! Delivery will take place within a few days. If you want the items to be personalized, just add a short message to your order. Our team is always available to answer your questions. Call us at +41 32 724 4860 or contact us by e-mail at contact(at)delafee.com. We look forward to hearing from you!