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Edible gold: order online here!

DeLafée is recognized as a global expert on uses of edible gold. We offer high quality products and first-class customer service. Our product range ranges from edible gold flakes and gold leaf to golden chocolate and golden pralines. You can order your favorite items at any time via our website – just a few clicks away.

Edible gold: the crowning glory of any gourmet menu

In Western countries such as Switzerland, the question always arises as to whether it is healthy to eat gold. In fact, edible gold is even included in the European Union’s food directives (for more information, click here). This ensures that there are no health problems with consuming gold. Edible gold is non-allergenic and completely tasteless. Edible gold has always had its place in many countries such as India. For example, edible gold leaf is often used to decorate traditional pastries. Traditionally, edible gold is also used for the refinement of Japanese shashimi. Here are some examples of use of edible gold:

  • Duck breast in a gold crust
  • Red berries with crispy gold and silver
  • Berry macaroon with silver flakes and gold leaf
  • Bunch of Bündnerfleisch (“Grisons meat”) with gold-plated edge
  • Golden petits fours
  • Champagne gold leaf jelly

Edible gold is becoming more and more popular – and not only in gourmet restaurants. Many amateur and passionate cooks have some edible gold leaf in their kitchen that they are happy to take out to sublimate dishes of all kinds. The beauty of edible gold is that it can be used with almost any dish or drink. There is no limit to your creativity!

Edible gold flakes: experience pure aesthetics

In addition to its symbolic meaning, gold is also characterized by its incomparable aesthetic. When edible gold is flaked onto a dessert or a coffee-flavored specialty, the characteristic sparkle immediately creates a special atmosphere. No wonder: gold is associated with love, beauty and success globally.

If you want to buy edible gold flakes, DeLafée is the right place for you: we offer edible gold flakes of the best quality in several shapes and sizes. Contact us for details. Whether for a cappuccino or a romantic candlelight dinner, each use brings a touch of magic to your event.

Edible gold in different shapes 

On our website you can buy edible gold leaf in various shapes. Depending on the food or drink you want to prepare, squares, spaghetti or hearts are available. Our edible gold has a purity of minimum 23 carats and is perfectly suited to visually enhance refined dishes and cocktails.

Order easily online now! You can order most of our edible gold products on our website. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds. Whether you opt for edible gold flakes or edible gold leaf, the products ordered will be delivered to you within days. Depending on your country, payments can be made by invoice, by credit card or with Paypal. We look forward to your order!