Gold Leaf Gilder and Gilding Services

DeLafée provides gilding services on various materials. We do not offer gilding services on frames or restoration work. All work is done in Neuchatel, Switzerland or at the our clients' location when the gildng project is performed on buildings. DeLafée has  perovided gilding services on vsrious materials ranging from wood, metals, leathers, minerals, and others. We can complete gilding servcies  on large scale projects as buildings and monuments and small objects as watch dials.  We work with our in-house gilders or patner gilders internationally 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about our range of services and prices. 

Gilding serivce: Application of 24 karat gold on moulding


gilding service


Gilding: 24 karat gold Hulk


Gilding service: 24 karat gold on a Scupture by Victor Martin


Gilding on a 24 karat gold on wood sculpture

gold on wood sculpture


Gilding service on a 3D printing of horse sculpture gilded with 24k gold with patina effect

3D printing gilded with 24k gold


Gilding a 24 karat gold in inka mask

24 karat gold on inca mask


Gilding service  comoeted with gilder partner on Wall - Interior Design Private Residence

gold wall