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DeLafée Gift Service


Precious gifts for unique people.


DeLafée creates unforgettable gifts with gold. Our products, all handmade in Switzerland with 24 carat gold, make unique and creative gifts. Is there a better material than gold to express your love or celebrate their success with elegance? Our golden creations also make appropriate and captivating tokens to congratulate or thank someone important to you, with a gift of a value equal to theirs. You might simply want to deliver wishes of good fortune and prosperity, in style. We suggest adding a card with a personal message or a poem to DeLafée's precious gold creations to complete the DeLafée experience.




DeLafée delivers directly to you or the person you are giving it to

We will provide you with a gift card containing the message of your choice, free of charge. We can also giftwrap all presents (wrapping my vary from picture above). You may indicate that wish for this additionnal service with your order.



DeLafée Greeting Card with suggested Quotes and Poems :



Best Wishes

We wish you "golden" success.


You are sweet as chocolate and precious as gold. I love you.

Thank You

Your help was Gold to us. Thank you.

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How you send your favorite poem:

Simply cut and paste the selected quote into the "Message Box" of the online shop when ordering