Gold Gifts & Gold Leaf Supplies

Inspired by the ancestral traditions of gilding as well as by the newer creations of contemporary artists and designers, we offer here a wide range of services, products and creations for all professional and private gold aficionados.

We offer gold leaf and gold powder in various alloys as well as gilding materials.

Our own unique creations combine the spirit of elegance and artistry in different domains such as gastronomy, interior design, fashion and beauty.

Discover the work of artists and designers who use our gold leaf in our online gallery of partners’ artists and designers.

We also offer personalized creations by request for private individuals or customized corporate gifts for companies. We collaborate with global luxury brands to develop innovative uses of gold.

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Edible gold products | Delafee

DELAFEE, THE ECTASY OF GOLD For centuries, edible gold has been used in culinary creations across the world for its esthetic qualities, its symbolic power and sometimes for its alleged magical properties. DeLafée creates unique and epicurean gifts adorned with edible gold. DeLafée’s creations make beautiful, unforgettable and highly symbolic luxury gifts to express love, passion or success. DeLafée, the Ambassador of your emotions.

Fashion and Beauty

For millennia gold has been worn for its unique natural glow and as a symbol of love. DeLafée offers unique and innovative fashion accessories and beauty products adorned with pure gold. Shine with DeLafée!moderatius inciderint. Quo an sale labitur percipitur, ad offendit officiis duo.

Interior Design

In ancient cultures, gold was linked to the powers of the Sun offering protection and wisdom. In architecture around the world gold embellishes the most prestigious interiors.DeLafée's Gold Interior Design creates innovative home accessories, wall decors and gold ornements leveraging the unique esthetic and symbolic qualities of gold. Bring the warm radiance of gold into your home with DeLafée.

Partner Artists

Here we present the work of artists and designers working with our gold leaf.

Gold leaf and gilding material

DeLafée distributes Noris Gold leaf and gilding materials.

Gold Service

DeLafée provides gilding services on various materials.

About Us

About Us

DeLafée International SARL was founded in 2004 and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

In our atelier, our skilled and inventive team works daily on developing unique creations using gold leaf in various ways. Inspired by gold’s long and rich history as well as contemporary artists and designers, we work with various materials such as leather, wood, mineral, paper, and more.

We create delicacies with edible gold and silver, which are perfect for gifts or special occasions. We design fashion accessories using gold leaf, playing with the beautifying attribute of gold. Using different gold alloys, we design unique decorative accessories to illuminate your interior with the unique glow of gold. We also design custom creations leveraging the unique beauty of gold for private individuals and global luxury brands.

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DeLafée International SARL
Case postale 2145
CH - 2001 Neuchâtel
Tel. +41 - 32 - 724 4860