Gold Leaf Powder & Silver Powder

Gold Powder

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DeLafée offers 7 different alloys of gold powders as well as silver powder.

Whitegold 12 Karat powder
Greengold 16 Karat  powder
Citrongold / Yellow gold 18 Karat  powder
Orangegold 22 Karat  powder
Ducate Gold  23 Karat  powder
Dukate Polishing Gold 23,5 Karat  powder
Rosenoble Gold 23,75 Karat  powder
Silver Powder 99,9% Reinheit  

Our gold powders are produced with the highest standard of quality. They are composed of microscopic flat particles of gold or silver, which delivers a superior shine and yields a larger gilded surface pro gram, than spherical particles.  Our goldleaf powders can be used to access difficult areas during a regular gilding project.