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DeLafée offers 32 different kinds of gold leaf colors. Each different goldleaf color is achieved with a different gold alloys. Red gold have more copper while white gold contain more silver for example.  Standard gold leaf are 80mm x 80mm in size but we can vut gold leaf from 40mm x 40mm to 110mm x 110mm if that is what you. We aso offer all goldleaf types in loose leaf form or patent / transfer leave form. 

Typically our goldleaf have a tickness of about 0,1 microns but thicker goldleaf are available if requested. Our standard goldleaf weight 16-18 grams per 1000 godleaf. Heavier are available.please inquire per email.

We also offer a full range of gilding material for your gold leaf gilding projects. 

Please contact us to receive a catalog with all the gold leaf colors and all the gilding tools and glues for your goldleaf gilding projects.

Discount of up to 45% on gold leaf order for 250 leaves and up. Please contact us at contact@delafee.com or + 41 32 724 4860.