Laurence Filet, Founder of Master Gilders

Laurence Filet is a professional gilder from France who decided to create her own business in 2006. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her work and her passion for gold !

Q1: How did you start gilding and why ?

A1: Once I got to witness someone doing gilding and was really fascinated by the process. I was then given the opportunity to gild a decorative object as an amateur and it really resonated with me. This is an alchemical and esoteric process to me.

Q2: Where did you learn how to gild ?

A2: I learned water gilding and all the techniques in France with an old Master Gilder.

Q3: What do you like the most about this art ?

A3: I like turning or creating a piece from nothing (for example an old piece of wood into a high vibration energy). Gold represents light and consciousness along with many other healing properties. The alchemical process from turning gross into gold is what I like the most.

Q4: What is the best project you participated in regarding gilding ?

A4: Many so it's hard to choose. The most special and unusual one was to reproduce a Louis XVI style living room using water gilding technique, which is the finest gilding, and also the only technique where it is possible to burnish with an agate stone to make the gold very reflective, like solid gold.

Q5: And finally, what inspires you everyday to create new things ?

A5: A while ago I decided to stop working on projects that are luxurious only as a display of one's wealth and dedicated myself to gilding only sacred ceremonial objects, statues etc..., which aligns better with my path. I also advocate for the healing properties of gold as a healing medium.

Thank you again to Laurence Filet for answering our questions !

Credits photos: Laurence Filet

Art of the gilder using gold leaf