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Vladimir Snetenyak's new artwork
Marty Design's helmet customization
Vladimir Snetenyak's artwork
Marty Design's helmet
Natalia Rokicka and DeLafée's chocolates
The art of Kintsugi
Marlena Janeczko and DeLafée's chocolate
Silke Droessaert and the Kintsugi technique
artists working with 24k gold leaf from DeLafée
Emanuelle Zufferey and Diego Micheloud
influencer with delafée's gold chocolate
Marlena Janeczko with DeLafée's 24K gold chocolate
Emanuelle Zufferey and Diego Micheloud's creative work
Natalia Rokicka with DeLafée's chocolates
Choco praliné by Valentine
Unicorn by Silke Droessaert
Marty Design's new helmet
Clément Lhoumeau's first pastry book
Vanilla and red fruits dessert by Elyse Cook
Raspberry charlotte cake by Valentine (@les_patisseries_de_valentine)
Chocolate cake by Clément Lhoumeau
Royal au chocolat by Elyse Cook
Decorative art objects by Silke Droessaert
Marty Design's gladiator helmet
Marty Design's unique helmet
Marty Design and his original helmets
Crafts by Jess Measor