Interview with Amalita Bruthus

Amalita Bruthus is an art restorer with a specialization in painting, sculpture, mural painting, monumental sculpture and analysis of materials in works of art. She does not create anything in her profession, because her field of activity is the conservation and restoration as well as the safeguarding and enhancement of the built cultural heritage. She learned her trade by doing several trainings courses in painting restoration, for the installation of gilding or wall paintings and polychrome monumental sculptures. Since 2004, Amalita Bruthus has had her own workshop for conservation, art restoration and materials analysis located in Porrentruy, Switzerland.

In general, Amalita Bruthus uses gold leaf for the restoration of frames, sculptures or even the renovation of signs. The restorer uses the mixtion technique most of the time, but she may sometimes use the water-based technique in specific cases on a plate. The photo represents a specific case, a particular mandate where the artist Christophe Bregnard asked her to put gold leaf in mixtion on mushrooms for the creation of one of his works.

Thanks again to Amalita Bruthus who agreed on answering our questions !

*The picture belongs to Christophe Bregnard but was photographed by Géraud Siegenthaler.


mixtion gilding with gold leaf