Belén Ferrier and its restoration workshop of fine gold gilded wood

1) First of all, could you introduce yourself in a few words, as well as the job you do ?

I have had a gilded wood framing and restoration workshop in Geneva since 2003, named Atelier B.

2) When and how did you know about the world of gilding ?

I learned my job at Mr. André Buchs who founded the most important restoration workshop with old executives in Geneva.

3) Why did you choose to make it your profession ? And to achieve that, where did you study ?

I first studied at the Glion Hotel School and then went to University of Geneva to study literature. I finally decided to become an apprentice at André Buchs's workshop.

4) What are the aspects that you appreciate the most in your job ?

I really like the cultural side of my job as it is a mix between history and art history. Moreover, the fact of having to mix creativy and technical craft knowledge is an aspect of my job that I particularly like.

5) And finally, can you tell us about a project that has particularly marked and touched you in your career ?
I do restoration of old frames but also a lot of "contemporary design" done with old techniques and with the old philosophy of making the frame at work and not using industrial mouldings.

I am about to collaborate with a young man who worked for 17 years in the workshop of Meriquet Carrere, one of the leading houses in the world of fine crafts.

I received the 2017 Craft Award from the Canton of Geneva and there is a special video made for the occasion which shows my workshop and what I do in it !

Many thanks to Belén Ferrier who kindly agreed to answer our questions !
Photos credits: Belén Ferrier

wood gilded with fine gold leaf