Anne Yersin and her exhibition

Anne Yersin has lived in Yverdon since she retired 8 years ago. She had previously carried out three different activities: kindergarten teacher, record store manager and housewife. Today, she is presenting her exhibition "Cornes de Vaches" from October 12th to November 10th 2019, at the Ronde Noire "Chalet d'Hiver". She then explains that her work on cow horns was inspired by memories of her childhood in the stable with her father, who had 8 cows all with cow horns of course ! Her work is also inspired by a trip to India where farmers honour their cows once a year by painting them in all colours and gilding their horns. It was during her period as a stay-at-home mother, in her early forties, that Anne Yersin began painting and making "papier mâché", the material used in her art now. Her work is therefore a mixture of recycled paper, acrylic paint and gold leaf.

Many thanks to Anne Yersin for answering our questions and don't forget to check out her work at her opening on Saturday, October 12 at 3pm !

cow horns gilded with gold leafcow horns gilded with gold leaf