The Amazing Work of Fran Gonzalez

Today we woud like to feature an amazing artist using gold leaf in his art work ! We asked him a few questions to learn a bit more about himself and his gilding techniques !

Question 1: When and why did you decide that you would become a gilder ?

Response: I started using gold leaf some 30 years ago when I was making the transition from being a ceramist to being a sculptor. I wanted to have some finishing techniques that could apply to all kind of reclaimed materials like wood, iron, stone, etc. Gold leaf was perfect for that ! Besides I also felt that there was room for a lot of experimentation with textures and oxidation processes that could be done !

Question 2: What do you like most about gilding ?

Response: One of the things I like the most about gilding is the magical light it provides in low light conditions. Also the ancient patina you get when using acids in the finishing process.

Question 3: What inspires you to create your artwork ?

Response: I get much of my inspiration from XX century contemporary art, from ancient objects you find when studying archeology and of course from traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Another interesting source of inspiration is practicing meditation !

Thanks again to Fran Gonzalez for sharing his love for gilding with us !


Contemporary Gilding by Fran Gonzalez