Introducing the first of DeLafée’s partner artists: Grégory Schulé

"Rec Calligraphia" by Grégory Schulé

DeLafée loves beauty. Over the years we have met several talented artists who work with our products. To encourage and support them in their endeavors, we supply the finest quality gold leaf and technical gilding support. Here is our first featured artist.

If you look at Grégory Schulé’s artwork, you’ll find an exciting fusion of two quite different kinds of art: Graffiti’s fresh energy meets calligraphy’s pursuit of esthetics. Gold leaf and color are combined to give warmth and an illusion of life through subtle reflections of light to the fluid curves and lines typical of Schulé’s work.

You can see more of his artwork here.

If you like what you've seen and want to see the original artwork, we'd be happy to organise a visit with Grégory Schulé in his atelier in Yverdon, Switzerland. You can reach us by phone: +41 (0)32 724 4860. Or wite us: