DeLafee International

bull skull in wood, gilded with gold leaf
Gold bull skull in wood
Stranger fruit, Johan Creten
Johan Creten - Strange Fruit
plants gilded Anne Brun Dorure
plants gilded
Gold Feather Coat, Alexander McQueen
Gold Feather Coat, Alexander McQueen
Queen's chamber in Versailles
Video about the history of the use of gold
antler gilded
Antler gilded
 gold makeup zoe karlis makeup
Makeup and Gold leaf
A time lapse video of the carved buffalo skull with gold creation
Temple of the Golden Pavilion
Temple of the Golden Pavilion
sushis adorned with withe gold leaf and silver leaf by DeLafee
Video about edible gold: tips and our creations
Berry macaron with gold leaf and silver flakes
Berry macaron with gold leaf and silver flakes
gold tattoos
Gold tattoos roses
luxury gold ice cream
Luxury ice cream adorned with gold leaf
Funerary mask from Panama, made between 700 and 1520 A.D
Funerary mask from Panama
gold flakes from DeLafee
Festive and sparkling cocktails with gold flakes
Golden decorative logs
Luxury and warm interior design
Golden decorative logs, by The Log Basket
Gold in watercolor painting
Gold is marvelous in watercolor
gold tattoos
Gold flowers tatoo
24ct gold leaf Bowl made by Ellul Ceramics
Gold leaf bowl, inspired by plant structures
gold with aquarelle
Fairy art, Stephanie Law
gold nail art kit
Nail art kit
Gold wedding cake by Cost Wold cake Kitchen.
Gold cake to celebrate unique moments
Gold in the art of Japanese kintsugi sublimates the pieces glued together. The artist TJ Volonis, by this technique, symbolizes in his sculpture, the repaired heart. Repaired heart, TJ Volonis, 2005
Repair with the magic of gold
Kintsugi in contemporary art
gold ice cube
Festive drinks
Gold ice cubes kit with pure edible gold, from DeLafee
This 10 kg of 18 ct gold sculpture is a part of a series of sculptures inspired by autoportraits of Rembrandt. Fascinating!
Gold sculpture inspired by autoportraits of Rembrandt
Marc Quinn, Before, Now and After, Paris, Galerie Hopkins- Custot, 2008