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Gold powder is an innovative material that is used in many gilding projects. No master gilder can do without gold powder - because there simply isn't a better material for gilding small corners and cracks. If you too want to enjoy the benefits of gold powder, this is the right place for you: DeLafée offers high quality products which can be used in different ways and whose visual impact never ceases to impress. Make your choice now and have our gold powders shipped to you easily!  

Wide range of types of gold powder and silver powder

If you want to order gold powder over the Internet, you will love our site: a wide range of gold powder alloys awaits you. In total, we offer eight different types of gold powders and silver powders. The range goes from white gold (12 karat) to silver powder with a purity of 99.9%. Here is an overview of our products:- 12 carats white gold powder - 18 carats lemon gold powder- 16 carats light green gold powder- 23 carats Ducat gold powder- 22 carats orange gold powder- 23.75 carats Rosenoble gold powder- Ducat gold to polish 23.5 carats powder- Silver powder 99.9% purity If you do not find the alloy you are looking for on our website please contact us at contact(at) . Our customers appreciate the excellent workability of our powdered gold. The products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. The most modern machines available in the industrial sector are used for production. You can count on excellent quality when you buy real gold powder from DeLafée. Here is a photo of our gold powder under an electronic microscope. 

Easy to use and economical consumption 

Our high-quality gold powder is not only used by professional artists and craftsmen, but also by beginners - because the powder is easy to use. Using real gold is easy for most beginners. Gold powder is mostly used to gild small surfaces that are difficult to reach with gold leaves.  Using a dry spraying device, even depths or undercuts can be perfectly golden. It is precisely these areas that are difficult and time consuming with classic gold leaf gilding.


Gold powder: a true versatile material 

Gold powder is used wherever the use of gold leaf is too expensive due to complex shapes and surface that are difficult to reach with gold leaf.

 In addition, gold powder can also be used in the form of "shell gold". It is a gold powder mixed with Gummi Arabicum. It is water soluble and is to be applied as water colors. The material is used for both painting and writing on paper. The resulting shine is not as intense as with polished agate gold leaf gilding. In most cases, gold powder is first applied with a battery-powered sprayer (dry atomizer). Only the powder that come in direct contact with the adhesive will stick. The rest is picked up with a soft brush and reused.

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When you buy gold powder from DeLafée, it only takes a few seconds. Just select the desired products and put them in the shopping cart. Your order will be delivered to you in a few business days. Swiss customers can  pay by invoice - otherwise, payment is made by credit card or Paypal. With us, your data is completely secure. The DeLafée team is looking forward to your purchase!