Luxury Corporate Gifts


DeLafée offers you the widest range of luxury gifts adorned with gold. All our creations are handmade in Switzerland. The universal symbolic power of gold expresses concepts such as success, stability, prosperity and unaltered quality throughout the ages. Our products make impactful gifts, that are utterly unforgettable.


Please contact us via email at or by phone at +41 - 32 -724 4860 for more information on our corporate gifts programs.


Custom inside message

The first thing the gift recipient sees when he opens the DeLafée box is a message written and signed by your company.


Corporate Chocolate Gifts

cadeau entreprise luxe or alimentaire



Clients examples






movado firma geschenk
generali luxus firmengeschenk
schweizer schokoladen firmengeschenk
HH schokolade firmengeschenke
hautlance gold geschenke für Firma
nugg gold geschenk für Firmen
Firmengeschenk Schokolade