Gold and artists

Gold has found many applications in modern and contemporary art. It found favor in the eyes in particluar of Gustav Klimt who regularly used gold as a background for his paintings.


Painting by Klimt using gold

Painting by Klimt using gold


But it is in contemporary art that the use of the precious metal is increasing. The trend was started by Louise Bourgeois and the work of Yves Klein, whose golden painting was a great success.


Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois




Gold table by Yves Klein

Gold table by Yves Klein




Gold body-prints by Yves Klein

Gold body-prints by Yves Klein


Yves Klein was one of the few to make gold one of the materials he works with and to repeatedly integrate it throughout the creative process. Indeed, he has taken each of his uses for his trademark blue (blue pigment tables, sponge-paintings or bodyprints), and revisited them in gold. In the following of Louise Bourgeois, there are many more works of contemporary artists such as Donald Judd and Jean-Pierre Reynaud.



Art by Donald Judd using gold

Art by Donald Judd using gold



Gold sculpture

Gold sculpture by Jean-Pierre Reynaud



Artists of the young generation, for example Nicolas Milhé, have also made use of gold their own medium.


Art by Nicolas Milhé

Art by Nicolas Milhé



DeLafée International also offers products that combine art and decoration by providing artisans in gold leaf to carry out their work and selling Vanitates in gold leaf.

Vanitas by DeLafée


Vanitas by DeLafée



Gold and Wood



Sculpture by Daniel Dezeuze

Daniel Dezeuze - Icône 3, 2014.

 Wood and gold leaf



Artwork by Christian Eckart

Chrsitian Eckart - Andachtsbild # 716, 1990.

Gold leaf on colloid substance, birchwood pannel, pine- and poplar wood moldings.



Painting by Yves Klein

Yves Klein - Frémissement, 1960.

Gold leaf and wood pannel.



Wood installation by Jannis Kounellis

Jannis Kounellis - Senzo Titolo, 2009.

Guilt wood, metal bed base, iron post, coats and hats.



Frame artwork by Kolkoz

Kolkoz - La Bataille, 2010.

Moldings and frames.



Freestanding artwork by Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco - Tronco 1, 2008.

Tempera, gold leaf and wood.



Lacquered wood painting by John Armleder

John Armleder -  Untitled, 1989.

Wood pannel, lacquer and gold leaf.



Gilt wooden sphere by James Lee Byars

James Lee Byars - Is, 1987.

Wood and gold leaf.



Gold and Metal



Gold-plated mold by Rudofl Stingel


Rudolf Stingel - Untitled, 2009.

Gold-plated copper.



Guil bronze statue by Johan Creten

Johan Creten - Strange Fruit, 2002/2009.

Bronze statue, white gold leaf.



Gold and Stone


Sculpture by James Lee Byars

James Lee Byars - The figure of the First Question, 1987/1995.

Marble, gold leaf.



Sculpture by Jan van de Pavert

Jan van de Pavert - Model, 2006-2007.

Gypsum and gold leaf.




Gold and Paper

Exploring texture and light.


Sculpture by Mai Thu Perret

Mai Thu Perret - Heroine of the People (Golden Rock), 2005.

Papier maché, chicken wire and gold leaf.



Golden Wall at the Windsor Hotel in Nice

Claudio Parmiggiani - La Chambre d'or

Gold leaf on wall.



Guilt Braille by Alain Jacquet

Alain Jacquet - Les 64 Kua, 1971-1973.

Embossed paper (braille) and gold leaf.



Mixed media painting by Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg - Untitles (Gold painting), 1953.

Gold and silver leaf, textile, newspaper, paint, wood, paper, glue and nails in wood.



Wall installation by Jannis Kounellis

Jannis Kounellis - Civil Tragedy, 1975/2006.

Gold covered wall, coat stand with coat and hat.



Collage by McDermott & McCaugh

McDermott & McCaugh - Is that you? 1936, 2010.

Inkjet and gold leaf on paper.



Reworked book by Matthew Barney

Matthew Barney - Encient Evenings: Ba Libretto, 2009.

Ink, graphite and gold leaf on paperback novel.



Gold leaf on cardboard painting by Danh Vo

Danh Vo - Colgate Box, 2010.

Gold leaf and cradboard.



Gilt postcard by Fabrice Samyn

Fabrice Samyn - Trouve le Temps, 2013.

Vintage postcard and gold leaf.




Gold and Glass


Installation by Orlan

Orlan - Miroirs portrait-stress of our society, 2009. (detail)

Venitian mirror, class container, gold.



Foutnain suclpture by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Jean-Michel Othoniel - Les Belles Danses (détail), 2015.

Murano glass, cristal, gold leaf.




Gold and Bone


Guilt bone by Jan Fabre

Jan Fabre - Vermis dorsualis & Devil Masks, 2002. (détail)

Bronze, gold, human bone, human bone powder.



Gold and Clay



Detail from Empty Worlds série B

Franck Scurti, Empty Worlds, série B, 2009. (detail)

Clay, leather belt (not visible), gold leaf.



Sculptures by Nasan Tur

Nasan Tur - Public Sculptures, 2008-2010.

Ceramic, gold leaf and video (not shown).




Composite artwork by Barry X Ball

Barry X Ball - Kunst- und Wunderkammer, 1992-1993.

Composite construction: gold alloy, immaculate dust.



Insect-created jewellery by Hubert Duprat

Hubert Duprat - Sans Titre (Caddis Fly), 1993.

Larvae, gold, precious and semi-precious stones.



Guilt hat by Ann Veronica Janssens

Ann Veronica Janssens - L'été (Summer), 2011.

Women's summer hat, gold leaf.



Gilt frabric by Rachel Grataloup

Rachel Grataloup - Matrcie Nantua, 2007.

Marouflages canvas, gold leaf.



Paravent by Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges - And Still This (Detail), 2005-2008.

Gold leaf, canvas and plaster of Paris.